Thank You, Auntie Kathy!

Today mom went to the Legacy Boxer Rescue adoption fair.  She left me at home - harumph - but the other mom stayed home too, so I guess I can forgive her.  I'm not sure my LBR friends forgive her though.  They miss seeing my handsome mug.

However, when she finally came home, she had presents for me!  Of course, mom did not buy me any presents, but Auntie Kathy did!  Look at this coolness!

Of course the hog, Dakota, had to grab one of them first.  I call her a hog because she gained five pounds (I lost a few). I'm sure Auntie Kathy would have wanted me to have my pick, but what can you do when you have a piggish baby sister?

I had to carefully look over my toy to see if it was worthy, or if I would have to steal Dakota's little blue doggy.  You can't be too careful, kids.  Even with treats, I give a good sniff before I take anything.  Someone might be trying to poison me, you know. 

Before I decided my toy was awesome, Dakota was already in her chewing trance - chewchewchew chewchewchew chewchewchew...ANNOYING!

It took less than an hour for her little blue dog to become a collection of little blue dog parts.  Gruesome, eh?  Dakota loves to show off her jaw power!

My toy is still in perfect condition, because I am a good and proper boy who does not wreck my things.  I will have to watch out for the big black tornado, though.  I think she has an eye on my sphere.  

Thank you so much for the excellent toys, Auntie Kathy!!!  And don't worry - I will keep mine safe from Dakota!


Kathy Struve said...

Oh Cubby! You are such a good boy to share your toys with Dakota. She certainly knows how to chew. Maybe she thought it was a blue dog puzzle and decided to take it apart so she could put it back together again ;)

I am glad that you are enjoying your sphere. Happy late birthday!
Auntie Kathy

threecollie said...

Such nice toys! Dakota reminds me of certain dogs around here too. lol