The Afterbath

We got a bath today in the big tub.  Nobody was pleased with that.  I got all the hot water, so Dakota got a cool bath - haha.

Afterwards, mom took us outside to dry off and warm up.  That's why we are nude.  Don't think we run around nude all the time.  We took care of the neighborhood squirrels who were trying to invade the yard.

I rearranged some dirt in the yard and napped in the hole while Dakota rolled around playfully in the leaves.  It was a wonderful afternoon, except mom was making whiny sounds from the porch.  Who knows what her problem was.


Moco said...

We love the look of your yard. We have missed so much.

MJ's doghouse said...

cubby....its me..mj...I havent been by your blog forever cause i lost my lists with the old computer....you look v ery good outside all nude...