My Walkabout

I had quite the adventure yesterday, courtesy of my VERY irresponsible mom.  We had a spring storm last week (very scary for Dakota), complete with hail and high winds.  The storm did quite the number on our fence (and mom's tomato plants - she's still whining).

The moms were very careful all week, insisting that they go outside with us, even though we carefully avoided the broken fence.  What you can't see from the picture is that the bottom of the fence was flapping in the breeze!

We stayed well away from that flapping demon until yesterday...

The good and responsible mom went off to Legacy Boxer Rescue's adoption fair, leaving me and Dakota in the unreliable hands of the feckless mom.  We went out in the backyard to wait for Uncle Stephen to come help us fix the fence.  Mom was out there, too - sealing the new fence panel, and ignoring me and Dakota.  

The wind picked up and flapped the fence up, and then something amazing happened!  The fence didn't go back down!  It lodged on a broken picket.  I went to investigate, looked over at mom - still ignoring me - and stepped through the magical portal!

Incredibly, the neighbor's fence had fallen completely down in the front of his yard, and I could smell my freedom!  I heard a little noise behind me and turned around.  It was Dakota - sticking her head through the fence and alerting mom to my escape!  TRAITOR!

I rushed toward my freedom, turned the corner out of view of mom and Dakota - I knew I could make it - when I heard my poor incompetent mom's panicked cry - "CUBBY!"  "Cubby! Cubby! Cubby!"  I took a few more steps toward liberty, but in the end, I could not break my poor mother's heart. I turned around and headed back through the magic portal and into my mom's arms.  I got to meet my pretty neighbor Golden, Zoey, on the way back in.

Now I just look past the bars on my window, dreaming of the wild I knew for only a brief moment...

I hope mom enjoyed the movie of her life flashing before her eyes during my walkabout!


Moco said...

You soft hearted guy. That freedom stuff is quite overrated.

Maggie and Mulligan's Momma said...

What a grand adventure you had! We're glad you decided to listen to the irresponsible mom, but you know she's going to be super protective from now on!

Casey said...

What an adventure! I've faced the same choice, and I too couldn't break my poor momma's heart. The things we do for them!

LailaSmith01 said...

Mom knows what's best for their child, good that that you did a right choice not to break your mom's heart.
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