Nick, the Giant

This is what the moms did today! Nick the mastiff has a new home in Colorado. He's hitching rides to get there. The moms took him on one of the legs of his big journey home.

Now my backseat is filled with slobber (along with a good part of the front seat). And mom says Nick took my "noxious fumes" crown during the ride. Stink-o-rama!

He is pretty cute, but he's only 7 months old and 115 pounds - they should have named him GIGANTOR!

Happy trails, Nick! Good luck in your new home!


Cairo The Boxer said...

WOW that is one big dog!

Isabella said...

That is a big ol' dude, huh? Aren't you glad he didn't come to live with you? Heck, he would eat all the food and treats, and probably hog all the toys.
Big Wags,

Dachsies Rule said...

What Cairo said ....

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Zach said...

You'd never need a bath again with him around though! Slobber, slobber! Ewwww.