The Big Haul - Finally!

The mommies finally came through! They went out today and and brought home the big haul, as they should have done last weekend when they went to the adoption fair.

We got some yummy peanut butter and molasses treats in fun animal shapes, a squeaky rubber chicken, the good chicken dog food (I didn't like the old stinky beef kind), and a giant new doggie bed for the living room! Dakota and I were scared of the bed at first, but, as you can see, I warmed up to it. Now we just love the bed. It is huge, and there is plenty of room for us to sleep on it together. It is also soft and fluffy and fuzzy - way better than the old bed.

Good mommies!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Looks like a great bed! I don't think my parents will be getting me any beds any time soon. I am way too roughf with them.

Cubby, sounds like your have a grrrrreat weekend. Good for you!

Sarah said...

Wow sounds like a fantastic bed!! Our do thinks her bed is a toy... She drags it around the house when she's not sleeping in it. She would rather sleep on my lap anyway!

Dana said...

Oh Cubby, you look like such a snuggle bug on that big ole bed!

Zach said...

Nice bed! Just don't pull a
Cairo on it!