Pool Party

Inspired by pretty Cairo's post, Canine Mutants, I thought I would post this picture today! Are you scared?

We spent today at my Aunt Laura's house swimming. Well everyone swam but me. Dakota immediately jumped in the water and swam the entire day. The mommies, my aunts, and my Grammy all swam, too. It was really funny, because Dakota kept getting out of the pool and shaking all over everyone! Then she would roll around in the plants and jump back in the pool. Once when she was rolling, she rolled right into Aunt Laura's fish pond! I just laughed and laughed!

Another bonus, Dakota got to meet Laura's SIX Yorkies. I had met them before. They barked at us every time we moved. I could have taken them out, but I'm a good boy. We all had a good time, and, because the moms forgot the camera, you get the mutant picture.


Cairo The Boxer said...

Great picture I will talk to my director and see if we can make a part for you in the movie.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Happy 4th!

Isabella said...

That's a spooky picture, dude!
Happy 4th of July!
Big Wags,

Eve said...

Great photo!
taz & eve