Buddy Revisited

Do you remember Buddy? This is what he looked like when Legacy Boxer Rescue found him in the shelter where he was taken to be euthanized because he had hurt his leg months before and was not healing.

After an expensive surgery, which some of my blogger buddies and lots of friends of LBR helped fund, Buddy is doing much better. He loves to go for walks now. Mom got to take him to the vet on Friday. She laughed about how he pressed up against her the whole way - she was worried she was going to crash. He is such a love-bunny! The vet said he needs to lose a few pounds (he hasn't been able to exercise for a year), but other than that, he seems to be recovering like a champion.

He is very happy recovering with his foster family, who loves him dearly. He follows his foster mom around like a puppy, and loves his dad and the kids. He also has a wonderful foster sister named Roxy. Aren't they cute on the pretty pink bed?

Thanks to everyone who helped save Buddy's life. He is worth every penny!

Read more about Buddy.

See more pictures of Buddy.


Dachsies Rule said...

Whoa! That Roxy looks a little bigger than me!

I'm glad to hear Buddy is doing so well. He's a handsome fellow.


Zach said...

Yay for Buddy! Maybe he should change his name to Velcro! Now he just needs his forever home and he'll be all set!

Linda said...

Hey Buddy is looking good! What a hppy story!
Big Wags,

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Yeah, good news indeed that Buddy's doin' well.

He looks much more suited to that pink bed than to behind chicken wire.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Cubby,

Now THAT'S the kind of story I like to hear :-) Thanks for letting us know - I am so glad that Buddy is doing so well !


Flossikens said...

Hello there

Good to hear that Buddy is going so well =]
He looks much better now and happier.What a GREAT HAPPY ENDING i love stories like that.

lOve flossy

Cairo The Boxer said...

Cubby, Cubby I am back! I am back.