I'm Out

I think I've had enough of this boxer rescue stuff. Sure, Legacy Boxer Rescue saved my life and all, and I actually manipulated the mommies into getting involved in the first place, but enough is enough.

The mommies have taken to bringing me along on home visits where the people have no dogs. (For those foreign to rescue, in a home visit, we check out the potential adopters to see if they would make a suitable boxer home). I usually enjoy meeting new people, but I had a terrible experience recently.

We went to visit a "nice" family with three kids - to protect the not-so-innocent, I'll call them Drag(7), Whomp(5), and Nilla(3). First we had to go out back, because the mommy of the three was afraid I would potty in the house - WHATEVER! It was 100+ outside and I was ready to come in! We spent most of our time out there.

Drag tried to get me to play with his toys, but when I clearly let everyone know I was hot and it was time to go in the house, he decided it would be fun to tie me to the back of the Barbie Jeep while he rode around. The mommies nixed that idea, so he decided it would be better if I rode in the seat with him. Uh...No. He then wanted me to get on the trampoline with him. No thanks.

After talking forever, they decided to go inside. Nilla decided I needed some Nilla wafers. Yeah, I liked this kid. That is, until she took her little toy car and drove it down my back then spiked it on the hardwood floor, making a hideous noise. Dogs have sensitive ears, you freaky little tyke! She repeated this scene before the mom decided "the doggy doesn't like that." You think?

All of this before the evil middle child came home. Guess why I call her Whomp? My head still hurts.

In addition to the risk of meeting evil children, this rescue stuff takes up too much of the mommies' time. They should pay more attention to me, but every time I decide to make them quit, some pitiful boxer appears in a shelter, and I remember when I was in a shelter - scared and lonely - and I relent and let them continue. Sure enough, it happened again today. Meet Davey. All those black spots are ticks, and they are all over his body, and his gums are white from lack of blood.

Keep at it, mommies...


Isabella said...

Poor Davey! I want to cry just looking at him. I'm glad I live in a home with no kids. I hope that home didn't approved to adopt a dog. It doesn't sound like it would be a good place to live. I think it would make me a nervous wreck.
Big Wags,

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Oh. My. Dog.

Poor, poor, poor Davey.

I hope he gets better and finds a loving home.

We are all soooo lucky that our mums and dads found us...I must remember that when I start going on about how I never get fed. Well, hardly ever. Once a day.

As for those thumping kids, well, I agree with Izzy, I hope they didn't get approved as a dog-friendly home.

Small humans can be a menace. And unpredictable. I'll post a story soon on my blog about my experience.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Zach said...

Oh poor Davey - I hope he gets dipped or whatever they do for ticks. That's another thing we don't have up here .. ticks and fleas. They don't look like fun.

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh no, poor Davey! That looks so uncomfortable. You are good to let your mommies continue with rescue. It's doggies like Davey that benefit. And, just think, if you hadn't been there, the adoption committee might not have known how awful those children are and some poor doggie could have ended up in that home. And the adults! They should know better than to keep a dog outside in that kind of heat!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Cairo The Boxer said...

What bad children! Yes, we boxers are good with children but please! We were not made to be tortured by them! Poor Davey, I know he will be ok. I will say a prayer for him. And he is a Beautiful boxer a white one! Very special.

Please tell your mommies to keep up the great work.

threecollie said...

Some folks might better not have pets...and poor Davey. I have never seen anything like those ticks.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Oh dear Cubby, what a horrible thing to have to endure ! I am betting that your mommies said that that house wasn't suitable ! I think Meeshka's idea of "breed control of children" is a great one!
Poor Davey - you know that you gotta keep letting the mommies do Rescue Work, I know it can be tough on you - but they are doing such a great thing - give them a lick from me :-)
Hope you are all snuggled up with the mommies now and getting lots of attention :-)


Bella the Boxer said...

Dear Cubby, I understand your frustration with the little ankle biters (they sound awful), but your mommies do such great work that I'm sure you are very proud of them! And just think, you've saved some poor Boxer who has already been through enough from having to live with those little devil spawn!
xoxo - Bella the Boxer