Breaking News!

Legacy Boxer Rescue made the TV news! Check it out! You can see my friends, Kathy and Dana, and some boxers, too!

Watch the clip!

They are also writing a blog of their adventures. Knowing those ladies, it will be a hoot! Go north, boxers! Go north Kim, Melaney, and Amy!

Read the Legacy Express Blog!


Ferndoggle said...

We'll be following their adventures for sure!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Oscar Airedale said...

Hey Cubby, thanks for the heads up. I'm off to check their blog.

Oscar x

Isabella said...

Cubby, you should be so proud of your moms and all the good they do. They are extra special humans!
Big Wags,

Ike said...

Their website is awesome!

Peanut said...

we are keeping track of them.

PiratesGrrl said...

We'll be following too! How exciting!!

The Brat Pack

Cairo The Boxer said...

Congrats for all the attention! I hope the rest of the community learns about all the homes those cute boxers need.

threecollie said...

That is just wonderful!

Finnegan said...

Hooray for publicity about animal welfare issues!!!


Laura said...

Our twins! We are back!!!!!!!!!!
Still eating bread and having a great life! Things have final settled down for our mommy and we are back in action!! We will have pictures up soon and start posting!!!! We have missed you guys soooooooooo much!

Charlie the Boxer and Coco the Lab

BoxerDana said...

Yep there I am, thanks for the press, Cubby!