Cubby Art

Oh, I have been a busy guy for a couple of days. I have decided to give up my treats and give 100% of the profits from Cubby Art to Legacy Boxer Rescue! Since then, I have been making art!

This is Gareth. He's looking for a forever home, but I think his foster mom secretly wants him to stick around.

This is Gareth's foster brother, Wookie. I'm not so sure he's a dog, but that's the rumor.

This is Tristan (mom calls him Popeye). He was almost euthanized because his eye was terribly infected. Luckily, mom's friend Margaret saved him, and loves him SO MUCH (even though he has a nude hiney). She volunteers with both Legacy Boxer Rescue and DFW Tzus and More. Looks like Tristan's got a car like me, because he's getting a bumper sticker!

This is Tyson. He is a very handsome boy, according to my mom. He is a swimming boxer!

And this is Gareth's foster sister, Annie. She looks great in green, I think! She's very nice to share her house with fosters!

If you would like some Cubby Art, just email me a picture at cubbytheboxer@gmail.com. It's only $5.

Tonight I want to introduce you to a very special guy. Sam was in a shelter in our town, and the moms went to take his picture.

He was very scared. He shook and cowered. He was miserable. The shelter workers said that Sam's owners left him at the shelter because they were getting a divorce.

The poor boy is nine years old! What's wrong with people? If they split up, that just means he should have two houses to choose from!

The moms were worried about him, but Legacy Boxer Rescue came through, and wonderful Kristen took Sam in. Now he's looking for a new home! He's not looking very hard, though, because he has a hot girlfriend and a beautiful yard!

Please help Legacy continue to save boxers like Sam. It is breaking the volunteers' hearts to not be able to take in boxers. We're almost halfway to the goal. Every dollar helps!


One of the pack said...

Oh my goodness you have been VERY busy, and what fabulous work. No wonder Legacy is earning the dough. What a great story too.

Good job to all.

Loving Life,

Cairo The Boxer said...

Thanks for all the great work. Love the cubby art. I need to ask my mom to buy some.

Ferndoggle said...

Mom and Dad always "joke" about the horrific custody battle that would ensue should anything happen to split them up. I can't imagine how Sam must feel being left all alone without his people. He is a VERY handsome boy...and we hope he finds a great new home soon.

LBR rocks! And so do your peeps, Cubby.


Petey said...

Hey, great blog! We'll be back to visit often. The Cubby Art is really cool (I'm such a scruffy guy, I might just look like a big scribble!)

Thanks for visiting me -- come back and find out how my first date went!

Your pal,


Peanut said...

I would try to stay with that hot mama Sam has gotten. Mom is trying to find a good picture of shelby to get some cubby art done of him.

Moco said...

You have been very busy. We hope you really haul in the dough for the boxers.

threecollie said...

How on earth could any one abandon a beautiful old dog like that! Shame on them. I am glad your folks saved the poor old guy.

ECSPCA said...

Gareth, Wookee, and Annie say thank you for posting their beautiful Cubby Art on your blog Cubby.

LBR Foster Mom